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Parts Cleaners

Process series of part cleaners are formulated with the latest surfactant technology providing superior performance in various parts cleaning operations such as single stage, multi stage, clam style, and ultrasonic washers. Whether the cleaning process is run at ambient temperature or heated, there is a Process cleaner that will provide results for even the most stringent cleanliness specifications.

Process cleaners are highly concentrated, low foaming, and designed for spray washers and immersion tanks. They will remove machining coolants, straight oils, stamping compounds, die release agents, quenching fluids, even rust, providing a clean substrate ready for painting or plating. Products are also available with rust prevention additives to provide short term protection prior to assembly or in house staging.

Cleaners are available for a variety of materials both ferrous and non-ferrous. Designed to eliminate common problems such as mineral and deposit build up on tank walls, nozzles, conveyors, part trays and baskets reducing down time and the use of hazardous pickling chemicals. Process cleaners work well with various filtration methods such as membrane, canister, paper media, and ultra-filtration extending bath life while reducing concentrate consumption.

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