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Cold Box Releases

Our TurboCast® Cold Box Release agents are available in both water based and oil based formulations. The proprietary blend of organic chemicals in TurboCast® promotes clean and easy separation of sand from all types of forms and molds while deterring build-up and sticking. TurboCast® reacts to create a film that reduces bonding/adhesion while promoting quick and clean stripping. Chemically active organics provide maximum performance.

  • Excellent Release Characteristics
  • Water Based & Dilutable
  • Low Odor
  • Non-flammable - (Flash point above 350⁰)
  • Film Forming
  • Less scrap, superior mold definition, sharper corners, and cleaner radius.
  • Safer to use and formulated to have less environmental impact and reduced VOCs.
  • No red labels required and safer to use.
  • No irritating odors like those encountered when using kerosene or diesel type carriers.
  • Longer lasting – multiple releases per application
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