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Shell Core Release

Our TurboCast® Shell Core/ Hot Box/ Warm Box products are high-performance water-based release agents specially formulated for heat cured processes. TurboCast® forms a micro-stable emulsion in both hard and soft water and maintains a constant particle size that promotes better release. Compared to other release agents on the market, our comprehensive formulas and meticulous manufacturing processes result in products that deliver superior performance. TurboCast®’s unique blend of components will produce a cleaner work environment, enhance quality, and decrease cycle times while withstanding higher mold temperatures. J&S Chemical’s line of release agents boost process efficiency and reduce product usage rates by as much as 50% to 75%, thereby lowering costs.

Together we can help you increase profits.
  • Can be used in fully automatic spray systems or hand-held units.
  • Very thermally stable release film.
  • Less release in mold cavity.
  • Smoking is significantly reduced due to the absence of oil.
  • Leaner dilution ratios.
  • Less spray time.
  • Less overall cycle time.
  • Increased production.
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