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Specialty Chemicals for the Die Cast & Industrial Industries

J&S Chemical is the leading global supplier of Die Release Agents, Plunger Lubricants, and related lubricants for the High Pressure Die Casting Industry

When Reliability & Performance Matters

J&S Chemical is a global organization focused on continually formulating only the most value added in-process lubricants. Our routine chemical monitoring ensures continuous performance.

J&S offers a broad range of products through 12 distribution warehouses and representation in over 26 countries. We are market leaders manufacturing consumables for the Foundry (Die Casting) and Metalworking (Metal Cutting) Industries.

Our Products

Die Release Agents

TurboCast 9055

  • Rapid heat removal allows for quicker cycle times
  • Reduce aluminum solder
  • Excellent wetting ability
  • Strong thermal stability
  • No in-cavity buildup
  • Improved metal filling
  • Low wax build-up
  • Increase part surface quality

Plunger Lubricants

Shotbeads GR6 & TurboCast 8798

  • Increase plunger sleeve & plunger tip life
  • Reduce aluminum washout
  • Increase shot velocity
  • Improve metal filling
  • Reduced flame & smoke

Water Glycol Hydraulic Fluid

TurboCast 601FR

  • Extend pump life
  • Friction modifiers increasing lubricity
  • Low air entrapment to prevent cavitation
  • Factory Mutual (FM) approved

Heat Transfer Fluids

TurboCast 675HTO

  • Formulated for HPDC temperatures
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Low carbon residue prevents maintenance
  • Slow rate of coking & lacquering

Machining Fluids

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Trim Press Lubricants

Process 485

  • Anti-wear compound increasing trim die life
  • No residue on part surface
  • No post part cleaning
  • Outstanding corrosion/rust protect
  • Eliminates biological problems


J&S Chemical’s full line of Process cleaners provide solutions to all of the above. The product line includes alkaline, acid, solvent, and emulsion formulations to meet specific needs throughout the plant. Years of experience and extensive R&D work have created the Process series of cleaners which incorporate new technology to meet stringent environmental regulations, health and safety concerns, while providing superior performance in a variety application.


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Research & Development

In our continual effort to support our customers, J&S Chemical provides specialty laboratory services. These laboratory services, such as rigorous testing, produce products that improve machine efficiency and comply with industry standards. J&S Chemical is proud to be ISO 9001.

Reduce Maintenance

In order to achieve a high level of esthetical quality, the die has to be maintained at very high temperatures: high temperature in the die reduces alloy cooling during the filling phase, reducing flow marks. However, high temperatures implies longer cooling time: as a consequence, the cycle time expands because of the prolonged solidifying phase of the part. Therefore, it is necessary to establish an operating temperature range that allows a high quality level while keeping the cycle time as low as possible, to increase productivity.

Reduce Cycle Time

As the die casting conditions like pressure, temperature, and parts size become increasingly severe, lubricants need to be used to enhance the process. However, the lubricants used should not adversely affect the product or its characteristics. Die casters use many techniques to improve their operational efficiency and to decrease production costs. A high-pressure die casting machine has a number of moving parts that need proper lubrication.

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